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Royal Fern
Osmunda regalis

Plant Type:  perennial
Height:  4 feet
Spacing:  24 inches
Sunlight:  shade to full sun

Royal Fern features bold spikes of brown flowers rising above the foliage in mid summer. Its enormous oval bipinnately compound...

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Allegheny Spurge
Pachysandra procumbens

Plant Type:  perennial
Height:  9 inches
Spread:  15 inches
Sunlight:  shade to partial shade

A wonderful groundcover evergreen with interesting textured green foliage, pretty white flowers in early spring; loves shade,...

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Japanese Spurge
Pachysandra terminalis

Plant Type:  perennial
Height:  12 inches
Spread:  24 inches
Sunlight:  shade to partial shade

A highly regarded evergreen groundcover, exceptional performance in deep shade, actually dislikes hot sun, one of the few that...

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Water Lettuce
Pistia stratiotes

Plant Type:  aquatic
Plant Height:  4 inches
Flower Height:  6 inches
Spread:  14 inches
Sunlight:  partial shade to full sun

This water plant has interesting square to fan shaped foliage that is velvety and beautifully ribbed; flowers are somewhat...